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Menopause Can Be Empowering But Where To Begin? Insights From A Doctor

May 14, 2024
Branded Content Editor
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May 14, 2024

Menopause isn't such a taboo conversation anymore. Hot flashes, mood changes, night sweats—we're here to talk about all of it. Because when women receive the support they need amid hormonal changes, they can rewrite a more positive and uplifting narrative. Perimenopause and menopause can be a chapter of life-changing empowerment, so how do we get there?

A new understanding of menopause

To learn more we connected with Pamela Peeke, M.D., MPH, a nationally renowned physician and scientist and the women's health expert behind her life STAGES™ by Solaray, an innovative new supplement line that supports every stage of a woman's hormonal journey. 

"From skin and hair care to meno-fashion, this over-50 stage of life is finally beginning to enjoy its time in the sun," says Dr. Pamela. "The stereotypical vision of menopause as a time of decline and struggle is now being replaced by women who exemplify a robust, vibrant life of reinvention [with the] opportunity to create new joy in their lives."

According to Dr. Pamela, 6,000 women enter menopause every day in the States. She sees Gen X women becoming more vocal about addressing their perimenopausal needs as their menstrual cycles start to phase out. Boomers, on the other hand, are moving into postmenopausal years and assertively looking for ways to optimize healthspan and longevity. Menopause has always been defined by hot flashes and other discomforts—but that script is getting flipped.

Signs of perimenopause and menopause

That said, the physical, mental, and emotional changes that arrive with perimenopause and menopause are still an important aspect of empowerment. 

According to Dr. Pamela, perimenopause is a newer term that describes the 10 years or so before menopause begins (as a woman's sex hormones slowly wean). It can start as early as our late 30s and ends around age 52, as menopause begins. "During [perimenopause], women often experience bouts of anxiousness as estrogen levels become more erratic." She also notes irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes, and sleep struggles as common signs of perimenopause. 

Many of these experiences continue through menopause, along with libido changes, vaginal dryness, skin eruptions, hair thinning, and waistline thickening. This stage of life certainly comes with its challenges, but one simple thing can make all the difference: feeling supported.

Image by Trinette Reed / Stocksy

Own your stage

"The her life STAGES product line was born of a collective realization by the Solaray team that what women really needed was a holistic, comprehensive approach to their entire hormonal journey," explains Dr. Pamela. As such, the line offers a formula for each season of a woman's life—including PMS & Menstrual, Perimenopause, Menopause, Postmenopause, and even a Libido formula to support all stages.* 

"The her life STAGES Perimenopause and Menopause products were formulated to address the unique challenges of each," shares Dr. Pamela. Black cohosh, vitex, and saffron are included in the perimenopause formula to support a healthy cycle, mood, sleep, hot flashes, and night sweats.†‡* The menopause formula supports hot flashes, night sweats, weight management, thyroid health, energy, and more with a blend of black cohosh, green tea, saffron, and orange extract.*§ And not to worry, both are lab-verified and made without hormones, soy, or gluten. 

According to Dr. Pamela, "Women want to feel empowered throughout the perimenopause and menopause stages." First and foremost, that means feeling equipped to address the needs of their changing body. "Today is a new day of empowerment where women's needs are now being acknowledged and addressed," says Dr. Pamela.

Speaking of empowerment

While it's OK (and encouraged!) to feel empowered about every hormonal milestone—things haven't always been this way. "The history of women's health is filled with decades-old stories filled with myths and misunderstandings about a woman's hormonal journey," describes Dr. Pamela. "Women have been written off as crazy, histrionic, and not worthy of a thorough understanding of their physiology and mental health."

Thankfully, we're now living in an era where women's health research and a science-based understanding of our sex hormones is becoming the new norm. In fact, the her life STAGES line is a direct result of that. These supplements are one simple way women can start feeling empowered, but ultimately, empowerment is a whole lifestyle.

For example, Dr. Pamela notes the importance of maintaining connection with family and friends from age 40 onward. "Studies have shown that social connection is the highest predictor for happiness and overall wellness as one ages."

She also encourages women to live a life of purpose; to reinvent themselves personally and professionally during these phases of life. Self-care, meditation, self-reflection, play, exercise, clean delicious nutrition, stress management, and high-quality sleep also make her list of empowerment practices. No such thing as too much.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Though these products are not designed to address every concern mentioned here, they provide powerful support for these life stages.

† As experienced in conjunction with a normal, healthy period.
‡ As experienced in conjunction with perimenopause.
§ As experienced in conjunction with menopause.

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