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Struggling With Work-Life Balance? Functional Mushrooms Might Be The Answer

June 17, 2024
Branded Content Editor
Image by Simone-Wave / Stocksy
June 17, 2024

We're all trying to strike that perfect work-life balance. We want time away from our screens, video calls, and to-do lists—but easier said than done. In a recent survey of 20,000 people, 48% of employees said they're burned out at work. And interestingly, 52% of employed people would take a 20% pay cut for better work-life balance. So, how do we get from here to there?

Mushrooms for a modern era

More often than not, what keeps us in the stronghold of work-life imbalance is stress. Stress management comes in many shapes and sizes, but functional mushrooms have become a leading way to support our nervous system.* ICYMI, what makes a mushroom functional is its adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens1 are substances proven to help our body maintain homeostasis when adverse conditions are present—like different forms of stress.*

While functional mushrooms possess a variety of benefits, it's their adaptogenic behavior that makes them specifically helpful in a modern lifestyle. As we seek out more work-life balance, we can turn to them for physiological support—but not just any mushroom.*

Quality check 

The reality is, mushroom supplements are created with all sorts of varying standards. Many are made from the mycelium of the mushroom (a fancy word for the "root"). But research shows that the most beneficial components of mushrooms—like beta-glucans, antioxidants, and other metabolites—are highest concentrated in the fruiting body, which is essentially everything aboveground. 

That's why it's important to investigate what our mushroom supplements are actually made of. Gaia Herbs makes theirs from the fruiting body using a pure extraction process to ensure you're getting potency, purity, and 100% mushrooms.

It matters more than you think… Other products out there (the ones made from mycelium), often contain fillers, starch, and grains. But Gaia Herbs' mushroom supplement line is optimized for strength. There's simply no room for what's unnecessary.

As we know, work-life balance takes determination. If you're serious about it, then it's time to get serious about your functional mushrooms. And the following 'shrooms, specifically…

Image by Gaia Herbs / Contributor

Lion's mane to support your nervous system*

Lion's mane is a shaggy-looking mushroom with a big reputation (worth the hype). Studies have correlated lion's mane with lower levels of stress2 and anxiousness3.* So, starting with what we all need most, consider lion's mane your MVP for stress management.* Even better, lion's mane is also associated with cognition. Studies3 have shown that lion's mane can support cognitive health and task performance in older adults.* 

Formulated to promote overall brain and neurological health, Gaia Herbs Lion's Mane Mushroom is sourced from growers in China who speak the language of quality.* In fact, their lion's mane is grown in an open setting that mimics a natural environment (versus a lab setting, where many are grown today).

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Cordyceps for up-and-down energy levels*

Too much work and not enough play can take a toll on your energy levels. Cordyceps, a functional mushroom used for millenniums in Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been connected4 to increased blood flow, enhanced oxygen utilization, and antioxidant properties.* It's used by modern herbalists to support healthy stamina and physical energy levels.* Our busy lives are fueled by our energy levels—and Gaia Herbs Cordyceps Mushroom provides adaptogenic support for when you're feeling sluggish.*

Cordyceps Mushroom

Reishi for a little bit of everything

People have been enjoying the benefits of reishi mushroom for thousands of years. Not only has it demonstrated mood-supporting properties5, but Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom is best known for supporting immune and heart health.* Animal studies have found that the bioactive compounds in reishi can even support healthy blood sugar levels6. Stress has an impact on the entire body—including the health of our heart and immune system. With reishi, you can stay ahead of the curve.

Reishi Mushroom

Turkey tail for feeling healthy*

We all know how stress can take a toll on our immune system. If we're going after work-life balance, then feeling strong and healthy is step one. Because it is the most-studied mushroom, research7 has found that turkey tail has the ability to interact with the receptors on our immune cells, possibly changing their behavior (for the better).*

Gaia Herbs Turkey Tail Mushroom provides immune support while promoting healthy liver function.* After all, researchers8 actually consider the liver an "innate immunity organ" due to its high concentration of immune cells. 

Turkey Tail Mushroom

The bottom line

Mushrooms have been foraged and enjoyed for their health benefits for millenniums. It's fascinating to partake in the transformative role they're now playing in this modern (and stressed) era. For the hustlers, go-getters, and everyday humans seeking work-life balance, mushrooms have become something like a miracle. Mushrooms may be ancient, but they've never been as important as they are today. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.
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